Support the NorShor

Speculation. Anticipation. At long last…RESTORATION!

After years of anticipation, the NorShor Theatre’s $35 million restoration is finally in full swing. This project is possible because of a bold vision, new partnerships, and financial support from government agencies, philanthropic groups, businesses and individuals.

Now you can play your part.

Help make the NorShor Theatre the premiere arts and entertainment center in the Northland. Of that $35 million, the Duluth Playhouse has raised its hand to raise its share of $4.5 million to outfit and equip the theatre with new state-of-the-art technology and amenities that will enable us to bring incredible local, regional, and national entertainment to our new stage and do so for generations to come. Your contribution will help us do just that.



There are a variety of ways you can get invovled:

  • Take a Seat at the NorShor
  • Naiming Rights to the Theatre
  • Make an Individual Donation

Take a Seat Campaign

The Duluth Playhouse invites you to be among the first to support the NorShor Capital Campaign. Our Take-a-Seat Campaign offers an affordable, meaningful way to play a visible role in the restoration of this historic theatre.

Contribute as an individual, couple, group, or family. Honor the memory of a loved one, promote your business, or mark a special occasion. The options are endless!

Learn more, or if you’re ready to take your seat, you can do so by clicking here.

Naming Rights to the Theatre

If you’re interested in naming rights to the theatre, please contact Duluth Playhouse Artistic & Executive Director, Christine Seitz, by email:

Make a Donation

It’s easy and tax-deductible. Make your contribution at the Duluth Playhouse, located at 506 W. Michigan Street, Duluth, Minnesota 55802. After you’ve made your donation, you will receive written notice of your contribution that is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

If you prefer to meet with a representative from the NorShor Theatre Strategic Planning Committee, please contact Kendra at


NorShor Strategic Planning Committee

  • Kendra Carlson, NorShor Administrative Manager
  • Marcia Doty, Playhouse Board of Directors
  • Zack Filipovich, Eagle Accounting
  • Steve Greenfield, Greenfield Communications
  • Ashlee Hartwig, Marketing Director of the Duluth Playhouse
  • Kate Horvath, Arstific Director of the Playhouse Children’s Theatre
  • Kristin Johnson, Greater Downtown Council
  • Dennis Lamkin, Duluth Presevation Alliance
  • Jon Loss, Swim Creative & Blacklist Artisan Beer
  • Patty McNulty, Playhouse Board of Directors
  • Steve Nys, Greenfield Communications
  • Sarah Parker, Parker Creative Communications
  • Jeanie Peterson, Playhouse Board of Directors
  • Christine Seitz, Executive & Artistic Director of the Duluth Playhouse
  • Anna Tanski, Visit Duluth

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to join other committees will soon be coming and we will need volunteers! From marketing/PR to construction to fundraising, if you can help us in any way, we can certainly use you.

Send a note via our Contact Us page or email Kendra at

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