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Duluth's Historic Art Deco Theatre
Duluth, MN | 218.733.7555

Our Leaders

Dear Friends of the NorShor,

Restoring the NorShor is the project of our lifetime. It is our chance to save a beloved community icon, bring new vitality to our city, provide space for world-class performances, create new jobs, and support our local arts community. The new NorShor will be the cornerstone of the HART District and play a central role in fulfilling Duluth’s vibrant future. It will also give visitors yet one more reason to love Duluth!

The Duluth Playhouse is leading the way to ensure the NorShor will operate at its fullest potential. The $4.5 million NorShor Theatre Arts Center Capital Campaign will equip the NorShor with state-of-the-art technology and modern-day amenities while maintaining its celebrated ambiance.

A project of this size and scope us no easy endeavor. It requires and is worthy of community-wide support. We are honored to lead this important campaign and encourage you to join us in a shared commitment and generous support of this historic project. Together we will transform our community and create a new life and a new legacy for our landmark NorShor Theatre.


Sandy HoffChristine Seitz 009
Sandy Hoff
Capital Campaign Chair
NorShor Theatre
Christine Gradl Seitz
Executive & Artistic Director
Duluth Playhouse


We are deeply grateful to the following individuals for sharing their time, expertise, and commitment to The Duluth Playhouse and NorShor Theatre Capital Campaign.


  • Annie Carmichael
  • Marcia Doty
  • Steve Greenfield
  • Sandy Hoff, Capital Campaign Chair
  • Kate Horvath
  • Kristin Johnson
  • Cathy Markham
  • Patty McNulty
  • Don Ness
  • Steve Nys
  • Jeanie Peterson
  • Anna Tanski


  • Gary Doty
  • Dennis Lamkin
  • Jon Loss
  • Tim Meininger
  • Jerry Peterson
  • Jeanie Peterson
  • Dolly Schnell



President:  Herb Minke
Vice President:  Sandy Hoff
Treasurer:  Tim Johnson
Secretary:  Patty McNulty

Board Members:  Ryan Coole, Marcia Doty, Monique Forcier, Steve Greenfield, Brian Liberty, Steve Nys, Jeanie Peterson, Dolly Schnell, Mia Thibodeau


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