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NorShor Theatre ‘Take A Seat’ campaign now under way!

With the NorShor Theatre’s Grand Opening just three months from today (with a February 1 production of Mamma Mia!), and with the theater’s 630 plush seats about to be installed, area residents are being invited to participate in the theater’s final steps in a way that is long lasting and meaningful to their families or businesses.

The Duluth Playhouse, which is managing the theater and leading its final fundraising, has officially launched its “Take A Seat” campaign. For $1,000, which can be paid by check or credit card over two years, a donor can have an engraved plate placed on a seat that identifies an individual, couple, family, business, memorializes a birthday or anniversary, and so on.

“Theaters all over the country recognize their community supporters by ‘selling’ seats to them, and we know people will want their names permanently displayed in the new NorShor,” said Playhouse executive director Christine Seitz. “It’s first come, first served regarding which seats people can select, and there are a limited number of seats, so we encourage people to ‘take a seat’ now. They also make great holiday gifts!”

Seitz said “Take A Seat” donors will be able to choose their preferred seats in the coming weeks, or people can simply ask the Playhouse to pick a location for them. She added that while the chosen seat will always have the buyer’s name on it, those may or may not be the seats available to people when they go to shows.

“People can always request ‘their’ seat when they buy tickets for performances, but we naturally can’t hold everyone’s seats open because we wouldn’t know which shows various seat owners were planning to attend,” said Seitz.

On a larger scope, those interested in making five-, six- and even seven-figure donations to the NorShor have several naming rights opportunities available to them. Additional information, including opportunities to contribute online, can be found at www.norshortheatre.com. Or one can call the Duluth Playhouse at 218/733-7555. All Take-A-Seat campaign donations are tax-deductible.


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